A Friend In Need

This blog is a way for me to reach out to other people that like coffee, martinis, and wine. I think of each person I meet as a “friend” and I always try to help my friends.

Each of us learns new things in our travels, and I hope to learn from my friends as much as possible.



In the Beginning

Recently, I decided to start blogging. I really enjoy going out for dinner and drinks with friends. It seems I always gravitate towards the specialty drink menus, the wine lists, and all beverages being served. Perhaps I should mention that I am also a bartender. And a lover of both coffee and wine. Have you heard about people with Champagne taste on a beer budget? Mmm hmm. I pour drinks, but my bank account is not “rich.” I am wealthy in so many ways, and glad that I get to try so many types of wine, cocktails, and coffees with the people I care about. So, with that in mind, I will do my best to share all the things I love with you.