Buying Wine


I love to shop at the big box stores such as Total Wines, which is all along the East coast now, and the similar Wines and More, based out of Rhode Island. When I go to Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s, I always check out their wine selections. There are two stores north of Boston that I like. Leary’s in Newburyport and Wine ConneXtion in North Andover both have great wines with affordable prices. Chris Gasbarro has locations in southeastern MA with a good selection.

I have thought of using a Wine Club for home delivery. If you have tried it, which service did you use?

I still like stopping at out of the way stores to see what they have.

Please share your favorite place to buy wine with me.

Pour Planning

When you have a party or special event, you should have the right beverages.

Here are some tips for your next soirée.

A Friend In Need

This blog is a way for me to reach out to other people that like coffee, martinis, and wine. I think of each person I meet as a “friend” and I always try to help my friends.

Each of us learns new things in our travels, and I hope to learn from my friends as much as possible.



In the Beginning

Recently, I decided to start blogging. I really enjoy going out for dinner and drinks with friends. It seems I always gravitate towards the specialty drink menus, the wine lists, and all beverages being served. Perhaps I should mention that I am also a bartender. And a lover of both coffee and wine. Have you heard about people with Champagne taste on a beer budget? Mmm hmm. I pour drinks, but my bank account is not “rich.” I am wealthy in so many ways, and glad that I get to try so many types of wine, cocktails, and coffees with the people I care about. So, with that in mind, I will do my best to share all the things I love with you.