Cocktails and Spirits



Shaken or stirred, a martini is a drink that can be made so many ways that I cannot believe that everyone does not have a “go to” martini.

I have two favorites: a filthy, stinkin’ rotten, ultra dirty martini and a classic French martini.

The Dirty Martini offers a sliver of Mediterranean goodness into your diet. The briney olive juice and (possibly bleu cheese-stuffed?) olives shaken vigorously with a high-end vodka and ice is quite possibly responsible for generations wanting to have a ‘liquid lunch.’

Think of them as offering a slight property of blood thinner combined with the skin benefits from the olives. Yes, that is rationalizing.

My other favorite martini is nothing like a dirty martini. It is world famous, and you can order it anywhere you go on vacation or at your neighborhood bar. It only consists of three ingredients. And you would never think to put them together. But, oh, they really do go together. Chambord, with it’s raspberry flavor and pineapple juice (really!), combined with your favorite vodka make a fantastic classic French Martini. You should try one.

There are so many classic martinis and trendy updates that you could have a different martini every day of the year. Perhaps one year, I will do just that.

I prefer vodka over gin most of the time, and also think shaking them with lots of ice is the way to go.

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