About This Blog

This is a blog for people that enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate, or a frosty beer, or a scotch on the rocks.

Surprisingly, I only started drinking coffee at *gasp* age 40! And I have certainly made up for lost time. I truly enjoy having a coffee with someone I care about.

This blog is not intended to glorify alcohol consumption. I fully understand the gravity of addiction. Whether someone you care about is addicted to heroin, pain pills, food, or alcohol, it can be devastating.

I work, but like so many people, my paycheck can only stretch so far. In an ideal world, I would travel the world and entertain at my lavish estate and in my cozy seaside cottage. For some silly reason, it has not worked out quite like that.

This blog will introduce you to beverages from my travels. Maybe a South American sangria, a Viennese coffee, Canadian beer, or Spanish wine. And most of my traveling is done right here in New England, or via books. All recommendations from me to help you to pour the best!




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