An Innovative Wine Product I Want To Try

Every industry has to struggle with packaging goods, as well as trying to get consumers to notice new products. The wine industry is no exception.

As a consumer, I will admit I actually buy screw-capped bottles of wine. Uh, and also boxed wine. The stigma of the screwcap bottles is almost gone. The boxed wine varieties are still struggling to become “respectable.” I foresee a time within five years that our American wine stores will have much more selection in that area.

One of the newer packaging ideas in wine has caught my eye. The founders of Vinebox have formed Standard Wines. They sell small five-ounce bottles of wine. The bottles are similar to a science lab flask or miniature carafe. It is very appealing to me.

You can buy their red or white wines on line now, and they are going to be selling it through Whole Foods this year. Check them out at


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