Sharing Is Caring

If you are like me, you sometimes end up stopping at a restaurant spur of the moment. One place that my guy and I have been to has great food with fantastic presentation. The drink list is creative and the bartenders serve them with personality, and flourish.

Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern in Rhode Island is highly rated on Yelp, and I can see why: the service is fantastic, the place is well run and organized, the food is delicious, and the drinks are great.

If you sit at a small bar, you are bound to meet people and strike up a conversation. Especially when your bartender is pouring drinks that look interesting. “Wow! What is that?” or “That looks good!” is a great conversation starter.

I had two fabulously dirty martinis poured by Romero, one of their behind-the-bar greats. I wish I lived closer so that I could have had one more. The couple beside me were enjoying their drinks, and lo and behold: we knew people in common.

So an impromptu stop for a quick bite and a drink led to us meeting a friendly, nice couple. It shows me that again, if you share good food, good drink, and good conversation with anyone it will make this world a friendlier, kinder place for all of us.

If you have the chance, stop and have a bite to eat somewhere with your favorite drink. Pour your heart out if you wish. You will be doing your part to “share.” And if you listen to the people around you, you might find a way to show you “care.”



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